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Cartridge Adapters

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  1. Genesis® to SNES® Cartridge Adapter

    • Compatible with most Genesis® games and SNES® or 16-bit consoles
    • Plays directly on most retro portable devices
    • Includes 4 region switches: NTSC, PE, NJ and PAL Mega Drive
    • Approx. 5 ft AV cable included for home systems
    • Plug and Play
    • Light-weight and Travel-Friendly
    • Approx. size: 5” W x 2.875” H x .75” D
  2. NES® to SNES® Cartridge Adapter

    • Custom-fitted Adaptor to play NES® games on your SNES
    • Compatible with most NES® games and SNES consoles®
    • Plug and Play
    • Light-weight and Travel-Friendly!
  3. Super Retro Advance (GBA® TO SNES®)

    • Plugs directly into original SNES® or third party consoles
    • Compatible with original GBA® game cartridges
    • Works with original or third party 16-bit consoles
    • Includes GBA® link cable port (link cable sold separately)
    • Connect up to 3 GBA® systems for multiplayer games
    • 4-way game capabilities
    • Connect the SRA directly to the TV using the AV port (Required for most consoles)
    • A/V cable included

3 Item(s)


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