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  1. Saturn® Style USB® Controller for PC / MAC® (Black)

    • Play on any PC or Mac® with a USB® port.
    • All buttons can be configured.
    • Relive the classic Saturn® experience on today's games!
  2. Super Retro® Wired Controller for RDP® (Black)

    •Compatible with Official SNES®, Retroduo®, Retroduo® Portable and other third-party 16-bit consoles
    •Cable length: 6 feet
    •Ergonomic and simple design
    •Original controller color scheme
    •8 function buttons plus D-pad
    •Color: Black
  3. RetroPad for Genesis®

    • Extremely high quality 6 Button Controller
    • Compatible with Sega Genesis
    • Small Sleek Design
    • Ergonomic Feel
    • Color = Black
  4. RetroZapper Gun (Grey/Orange)

    • Compatible with most NES® shooting games, including Duck Hunt
    • Soft-shot trigger ensures that your gun won't get stuck at crucial moments
    • Precision-guided laser guarantees nothing but accurate shots
    • Compatible with NES® and FC consoles
    • Will not work with Plasma, LCD or projection screens

Items 1 to 4 of 20 total


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