1Retro Gaming Revival

    What is it about retro gaming that really draws the appeal in today’s day and age? With so many consoles now that can provide high definition gaming, why are we drawn back to the 8 and 16 bit era of fun? I like to think that for those of us that did not have all the games growing up, the fun comes in hunting down that elusive cartridge to add to your collection.       Think of it like comic books. You try and find every[..]

    1Retro Gaming on the Rise

    By now you’ve probably heard that Super Mario will be coming to the iPhone 7 with a brand new game, “Super Mario Run”. More and more we’ve been seeing our childhood memories come back to us now as adults. Years ago when the game ‘Rock Band’ was released, the younger generation was introduced to music from the 80’s and the old tunes became popular again. Now it seems that the trend is continuing, with kids[..]

    1Portable Gone Retro!

    If I gave you a Retro Duo Portable to play with, would you know what it was? Would you have an idea as to what you could do with it or what it was capable of? It’s a handy little device that I would have killed to have as a child. It is a gadget that I can have now but still stare in disbelief that such a thing exists. The Retro Duo Portable (RDP) is essentially a gaming apparatus that allows you to play your favorite SNES games right [..]

    1Retro Gaming

    Retro gaming is defined as the playing and collecting of older computer, console and arcade video games that are discontinued and often considered obsolete in our ever advancing society. To many of us, it has always been much more than just a hobby. Many retro games are more than just ways to have fun; they hold sentimental value to us. It’s not about being stubborn and set in our ways against newer more intricate games and designs, but rat[..]