Pomona, Ca, October 3, 2018 -- Retro-Bit®, the leading manufacturer of classic gaming accessories, is bringing some of the most popular video games into your hands this holiday season with its new GoRetro! Portable handheld console.  Available throughout North America at Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Kohl’s, and more at $34.99, Retro-Bit’s Go Retro! Portable features over 260 games including favorites from publishers The Tetris Company, Capcom, and Data East, such as Tetris®, Mega Man® 2, Mega Man® 3, BurgerTime®, Strider®, 1942, Bad Dudes™ and more. The Go Retro! Portable comes in either blue or red and white.



Distributed exclusively by Innex Inc®, the Go Retro! Portable features up to 10 hours of non-stop gameplay using 4 AAA batteries. Fans can alternatively play by plugging the handheld into a micro-USB® cable. The Go Retro! Portable features a 2.8 inch high-resolution screen, volume control, 3.5mm headphone jack, and an intuitive user interface.



“The Go Retro! Portable offers a simple and effortless way for gamers to dive into retro gaming at a solid price point” said Ron Pang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Innex Inc. “We wanted to let players relive the experience without having to go through the hassle of searching for consoles, controllers, and cartridges as well as being confined to their living rooms. With the introduction of Retro-Bit’s new handheld, players can now take the experience of their home consoles anywhere!”


The Go Retro! Portable is estimated to release in September for $34.99 and will be available at Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Kohl’s, and Amazon.




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