The arrival of the next big console to follow the Retro Duo can bring with it a multitude of

questions. Many of which can concern a lot of fans, such as the console's compatibility or reliability. But the confusion

that comes from a Super Nintendo style controller with a Sega Genesis style plug is one that may inspire

the most curiosity.


At first glance, the included Super Retro Trio controllers perfectly resemble the beloved 16-bit controllers that

many childhood memories are made of. The odd, yet comforting shape is one that inspires familiarity.

Memories of those late night Super Mario runs immediately flood the mind; dashing across the screen,

carefully leaping over the frantic Koopalings only to repeatedly stomp them into submission. This may

sound a little graphic but let’s not forget that it was just a game. And truthfully, they had it coming and I

have not even the slightest regret. While these controllers may seem like your old pair that are meant

solely for Super Nintendo carts on this new console, they have a new spin on them that begs for further

use than what they originally were meant for.


The SNES styled controller that you hold in your hand actually plugs into the Genesis port of the SR3.

What that means exactly is that not only will you be able to play your favorite SNES games with that

classic controller feel, but you’ll also be able to try your hand at some Sega games with that very same

design. You want more? Well these same controllers will also work

with NES games. These two included controllers will work with any of the three systems that can be

found within the Super Retro Trio. One controller for separate consoles, this truly is madness.

At this point we have more than likely piqued your interest, knowing that you no longer have to

have the original consoles or even controllers to play your favorite games. But hey, what if you would

much rather use the original controllers? Then the front panel is where you want to look. Here you can

plug in up to two of the original controllers into their respective slots. And with the flick of the controller

switch (which identifies which port you want the console to read as the main input) you are back to

gaming with your well established muscle memory.


Your old memories can once again become new memories. Whether you decide to use those

nifty controllers we have provided or the older more musky ones you have hidden away

somewhere, you are sure to find a way to experience these games that will suit your needs. And at the

end of the day, is there anything else we want than our own happiness? Rhetorical, just let it stew and

go play some games!

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