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Play your favorite classics the way they were always meant to be played – On a cartridge! Experience popping in a brand new cartridge from classic game publishers all over again with Retro-Bit® publishing. Built with you in mind, these NEW games make collecting multiple classics easy and efficient. So you get more of the games you know for less than the price of one!


  • Collectible Retail Box
  • Custom Cartridge
  • Full Color Instruction Manual
  • Original Sticker Collection
  • Exclusive Button Set

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Now with AV and HDMI® compatibility, you can experience your favorite NES® games like never before, in crisp 720p resolution! The RES Plus is the premium top loading console for all your favorite 8-bit games. Accompanied with two classic pro controllers compatible with Retro-Bit® and NES® consoles for next level precision.

  • Compatible with your favorite classic NES® game cartridges
  • Top loading cartridge slot
  • AV and HDMI® (included) compatible
  • Includes two 1.8 meter wired classic pro controllers
  • Controllers compatible with NES® and Retro-Bit® consoles

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SR3 Plus PAL

Step up your retro-gaming experience and relive three classic systems like never before, in crisp 720p resolution! The SR3® Plus is the premium top loading console for all of your original NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® games. Custom built with three cartridge slots, six controller ports, and now with HDMI® compatibility!

  • Compatible with original NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® game cartridges
  • AV and HDMI® (1.8 meter cable included) compatible
  • Includes two 3 meter wired six button controllers
  • Controllers compatible with SNES® and select Retro-Bit® consoles
  • Two controller ports for NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® controllers

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Power Stick PAL

Replay your favorite NES® games with the new Power Stick controller from Retro-Bit®. Featuring a 1.8 meter cable and an eight directional joystick, give any game that classic arcade feel with micro switches that allow for precision inputs.

  • Original NES® controller port (Compatible with select Retro-Bit® consoles)
  • Custom joystick and action buttons featuring micro switches for enhanced gameplay
  • 1.8 meter cable for an extended experience of comfort

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