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RetroDuo® Portable V2.0 (Black)


SKU: RB-RDP-0179

• Compatible with most 16-bit SNES® games
• Compatible with most 8-bit NES® games (with the included cartridge adapter)
• Compatible with most 16-bit GENESIS® games(with the RetroGen® adapter sold separately)
• Up to 8 hours of uninterrupted game play with the included dual capacity lithium-ion battery
• Reinforced cartridge door for sturdiness
• Light-weight and travel-friendly

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Have the desire to play your original NES® & SNES® game cartridges while ON THE GO?! The RetroDuo® Portable handheld by Retrobit® allows you to play your 16-bit, 8-bit and even the original *Genesis® cartridges on the road! With up to eight hours of play time from the equipped dual-capacity lithium-ion battery, the RDP is the perfect choice for retro gamer road trips. This portable handheld device is mobile and travel-friendly so you can show off your old-school gaming skills everywhere you go!

CORE Edition Upgrades
• Upgraded LCD pixel quality
• Brighter LED Battery Indicator
• Improved D-Pad and Button Layout
• Speakers louder than the original

• RetroDuo® portable
• RetroPort® adapter (additional screw included for extra stability)
• Standard AV cable
• Rechargeable Built-in Dual capacity lithium-ion battery
• AC power adapter Input:100-240V Output: 9V
• Clear acrylic console stand

• Screen Size: 3.5"
• Size: 7" W x 4.2" H x 1.8"D
• Weight: 11.6 oz

Instruction Manual:

Product Manual (PDF)
Q: Does this only play SNES® games?
A: The included RetroPort Adapter allows you to play NES® games right out of the box. There are also separate adapter for Sega Genesis games and Game Boy Advance games. Please see “RetroGen” and the “Super Retro Advance” Adapters for more info on these.

Q: Does it hook up to my TV?
A: Yes! A composite cable (red, yellow, white) is included in your packaging.

Q: What else comes with it?
A: You get an Acrylic Stand to stand up the unit on your flat surface, the AC Adapter, an AV Cable, a 2 port SNES® controller adapter, the RetroPort Adapter, a small screw to secure the adapter, and the console itself.

Q: It’s a rechargeable battery?
A: Yes, the RDP comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery installed. And on a full charge you get about 6-8 hours of gameplay!

Q: Is the AC Adapter for the RDP rated to withstand 240v?
A: Yes! The adapter are rated to withstand 120v and 240v with no converter required.

Q: Can I use a controller on this?
A: It does not come with any included controllers but you do get a 2-port controller adapter that allows you to plug in up to 2 original or 3rd party SNES® controllers for multiplayer!

Q: What is the difference between the 2.0 CORE Edition and the 1.0 version?
A: The original RDP (1.0 Version) came included with 2 controllers. These controller are now available separately, please see the “Super Retro Controller”. The CORE Edition improved upon the button layout, speakers, top bumpers, and compatibility as well.

Q: When I play PAL format games on my RDP, the picture is degraded. Why is this?
A: While it is possible that the system itself may have a problem, it’s most likely caused by a PAL format TV or game cartridge. Unfortunately, you just may not be able to experience perfect game play with PAL formatted games.

Q: My NES® games do not fit in the RetroPort Adapter that came with my RDP v2.0. Is there a fix to this?
A: You may need to slightly adjust the cartridge while inserting it into the adapter. This will need to be done gently so as not to damage the adapter or the game cartridge. If this does not fix the problem, contact our customer service team!

Q: I have another 3rd party 16-bit console not made by Retro-Bit. Will the RetroPort Adapter that came with my RDP work with this other console?
A: The RetroPort Adapter that comes with the RDP will ONLY work on the Retro Duo Portable.

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