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Q: Is it region free?
A: You can play your Super Famicom and Mega Drive games but Famicom carts will not fit into the NES® slot of the console.

Q: Does it comes with any controllers?
A: You do get 2 controllers in the package that allow you to play with all three system slots, but if you have your original NES®, SNES®, or Genesis® controllers, it will take up to 2 of each!

Q: I saw a bundle of the SR3 and SRA option at E3 one year, where can I get that?
A: Unfortunately the bundle is not currently available. But feel free to check out social media pages for any future announcements if it does become available.

Q: What kind of input is it?
A: The SR3 comes with an S-video and AV cable included. But the NES® slot will not function with the S Video cable as the original console is also not compatible.

Q: Does it work with other original controllers, like the Light Gun or NES® Advantage?
A: The SR3 is in fact compatible with the Light Gun as long as you have the appropriate CRT television. And most other controllers, including the NES® Advantage are also compatible as long as they plug into any of the original controller ports on the front panel.
    • For example, the NES® Satellite adapter is NOT compatible because of its vertical controller plugs.

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