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Pomona, Ca, December 5th 2017 -- Retro-Bit®, the leading manufacturer of classic gaming accessories, is bringing some of the most popular video games to ever hit the arcade home this holiday season with its new Super Retro-Cade console.  Available in December for $59.99, Retro-Bit’s Super Retro-Cade features over 90 games consisting of an impressive collection of console classics and over 50 arcade favorites from legendary publishers Capcom, Data East, Irem, and Technos.  The stylish console re-introduces gems such as Mega Man® 2, BurgerTime®, Joe and Mac™, Bad Dudes™, Double Dragon®, Strider®, Super Dodge Ball, the Final Fight® series and many more.  A complete games list can be found HERE.



Distributed exclusively by Innex Inc®, the Super Retro-Cade stands apart from similar consoles in terms of features and replay-ability.  With over 90 games from different platforms ranging from NES® and Super NES® to Genesis® and original coin-operated arcade games, Retro-Bit® has assembled an unrivaled collection from the very best in video gaming.


The Super Retro-Cade features a 6 ft. HDMI® cable; AV compatibility for retro purists that prefer to play on CRT monitors; internal save states with an additional SD card slot for external memory, and two well-regarded six-button controllers with 10 ft. USB® cables.

 Super Retro-Cade

An intuitive user interface has been developed to easily browse the robust games list via a variety of filters including Publisher, Genre, Favorites, Game System, and Alpha Numeric order. Each built in game also boasts a brief description and quick button tutorial to welcome new players.  In addition, Retro-Bit® is excited to announce the possibility of featured firmware updates and downloadable content (DLC) to accompany the Super Retro-Cade in the near future. 


“The Super Retro-Cade is the result of direct customer feedback we received from previous consoles found in the market, much of which has been implemented into the Super Retro-Cade,” said Ron Pang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Innex Inc. “The Super Retro-Cade is the ideal console for arcade enthusiasts and console gamers alike, providing an impressive variety of classic games and innovative features at a reasonable price!”


The Super Retro-Cade is estimated to release in December for $59.99.  More information can be found online at

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