Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition


Retro-Bit Publishing releases Alwa’s Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition and introduces a game-changing way to add to your collection with Digical! 

Pomona, CA - September 14th, 2021:  As more game companies look toward the future with digital releases, Retro-Bit Publishing® continues to find new ways to preserve gaming history with multiple physical releases.  This provides retro gaming fans an opportunity to own rare and exciting titles that may not have been released in certain regions or are scarce in the market.  Additionally, it offers an alternate way to own an officially licensed title while avoid paying exorbitant market prices.

This approach has brought official releases from publishers and developers such as Capcom®, Irem®, and Toaplan which has yielded 9 releases over the past 4 years including the recent Mega Man®: The Wily Wars Collector’s Edition earlier this year.  The latest partner is independent developer Elden Pixels with Alwa’s Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition.

Alwa’s Awakening is a Metroidvania-style game centered around Zoe, a young girl transported to the land of Alwa and tasked with bringing peace to the land.  Originally released on Steam in 2017, with its sequel Alwa’s Legacy later released in 2020.  Elden Pixels teamed up with independent NES® Developer Brad Smith to create the 8-Bit version of Alwa's Awakening.  This process involved making the 280 MB original game fit into a 512 KB NES® cartridge but also includes 2 new songs and  3 new areas to explore and a different way to experience the world of Alwa.  Elden Pixels’ homage to 8-bit classics is now available for a limited time during the pre-order window from September 14th - October 17th, 2021 for the Nintendo Entertainment System® - just as the team originally planned years ago.


Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition - NES


Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition includes: 

  • Frosted 8-Bit Cartridge 

  • Full colored instruction manual 

  • Cartridge Packaging with Exclusive Slipcover

  • Behind the Game Developer Interview 

  • Certificate of Authenticity 

  • Animated Lenticular Card 

  • Mini level poster 

In addition to this release is a new idea Retro-Bit Publishing has developed called Digical.

What is a DIGICAL?

Digical combines aspects of both DIGItal and physiCAL releases. Thanks to feedback from the community, Retro-Bit Publishing developed a simple and groundbreaking method to provide gamers a new option in owning a game.  This allows customers to continue supporting the developers while foregoing all the extras included in a physical release.

For $19.99, you receive the Digical of Alwa’s Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition which includes the game ROM file on an exclusively designed 8 GB USB® drive that features the game’s main protagonist, Zoe.  This is your game to own, collect, and play as you wish in addition to all the digital items included on the drive.  “We are all for diversifying the way fans choose to play, so we wanted to bridge that request by delivering a unique experience to commemorate each release,”  said  Ron Pang, Chief of Business Development for Innex - the exclusive distributor for Retro-Bit®. 

This will be a limited exclusive run available only during the open pre-order from September 14th - October 17th, 2021.


Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition - Digical


The Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition Digical Release includes:

  • Displayable Packaging

  • Zoe Retractable USB® (8GB)

  • Alwa's Awakening: 8-Bit Edition ROM*

  • Detailed Digital Instruction Manual

  • Behind the Game Developer Interview 

  • Digital Wallpaper Featuring Exclusive Artwork

*ROM will work on most popular emulators - Results may vary

“While our mission remains with the privilege to re-release sought-after classic game titles for their original platforms, we understand the demand for digital releases. We wanted to provide gamers the opportunity to own the game without the need to buy a complete physical edition, while still supporting the developer. We hope that this concept will be embraced so that we can continue to release more of these in the future!” added Ron Pang.

What you get in the Digical is yours to keep - there is no DRM and no servers to ping.  With Alwa’s Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition Digical release, there is hope that this concept can be embraced by the community so that more classics can be released in the future using this format.  

The Digical Zoe USB® will also fit into the acrylic diorama scene that comes with the full Alwa’s Collection released by Clear River games (sold separately). The Alwa’s Collection features both Alwa’s Awakening and Alwa’s Legacy for the Nintendo Switch® and PS4® (sold separately) along with a Mary-themed USB®  which houses the soundtracks for both games and more!  This exclusive collectors edition will be available at Limited Run Games for $69.99.  

Alwa’s Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition will retail for $59.99 while Alwa’s Awakening: 8-Bit Edition - Digical will retail for $19.99 and Alwa’s Collection will retail for $69.99**, each will be available for pre-order for a limited time from September 14th - October 17th, 2021 at Limited Run Games, Castlemania Games, and Dragon Box Games, Spel & Sant, and Strictly Limited Games for Europe.  

For more details on Alwa’s Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition, visit

**Alwa’s Collection is available only at Limited Run Games.



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About Elden Pixels

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