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Owners of the SEGA Genesis® during the early 1990s would be no strangers to seeing multiple releases from Renovation - their studios were consistent in producing games with unique takes on genres.  One of those studios, Wolf Team, would go on to develop Earnest Evans, an action-adventure title akin to Indiana Jones.  Here we are introduced to the protagonist, Earnest, who eventually finds a girl among some ancient ruins in Peru, Annet Myer.  This young girl would go on to have entries with El Viento being the first of the series in 1991.  With a mixture of platforming, action, and magic, players needed to guide Annet to prevent the return of the Dark Lord Hastur.  Be patient and strengthen her magic powers as you battle through eight stages and put an end to the summoning ceremony.  For each copy sold, Retro-Bit will make a donation to our friends at the Video Game History Foundation in our mutual efforts for game preservation.






MSRP: $54.99 USD / €69.99 EUR

ETA Q4 2023

This product will also be available at local independent game shops upon its release.




El Viento - Embellished Slipcover

Experience the beautiful artwork by artists at Wolf Team is now embellished on this slipcover that is sure to bring some color to your game collection.


El Viento - Reversible Box Art

Whether you choose manga-inspired artwork from the Japanese release or the nostalgic look of the North American release, you can't go wrong!  Our own clamshell game boxes are durable and just like the originals.


El Viento - Instruction Manual

Each instruction manual for our releases is reworked to provide fans the enjoyment of opening it up to learn about the game and see some additional bonus art.  You're gonna love chibi Annet!


El Viento - Certificate of Authenticity

You'll know you're a proud owner of this release with this certificate of authenticity.  Each one is individually numbered and will have the production run total as well.


El Viento - Rosa Intensa Cartridge

Taken from the original Japanese ads for the game, we've remastered some of the manga art to be the face of this hot rosa intensa cartridge.  With a proper voltage chip, gold-plated contacts, and beveled insert pins, you won't need to worry about it running on your original console.



El Viento - Video Game History Foundation


The Video Game History Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and teaching the history of video games. The organization was founded in 2017 by historian, journalist, and game developer Frank Cifaldi.

Through our shared values and respect for the history of our industry, Retro-Bit is proud to partner with and support the VGHF by donating a portion of this re-release to this amazing cause.


Learn more at gamehistory.org



Media Reception


This game not only looks great, it also plays like a gift from the gods. The brilliant animation and statics really encourage you to venture further, even though this is one tough game to crack.

Consoles XS


Just like the wind, this game moves fast!  Annet is very easy to control, but this is NOT a cart that you’ll breeze through in one sitting.



A tough ‘n’ challenging platform game which doesn’t look particularly hot, but is surprisingly addictive and keeps you playing for ages.

 Mega Machines


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