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Whenever there is a discussion of which games are the rarest to find on any console, Eliminate Down will probably be on that list, and with good reason.  In the middle of the gaming boom of the early '90s, competition amongst arcade shoot 'em ups was heating up with notable entries by Masaya Games, Konami, Capcom, Toaplan, Renovation, SEGA, and many more.  Being a small studio trying to release your own game through a publisher known for golf games was quite a gamble in 1994, but Aprinet and Soft Vision pushed through.  However, overshadowed by other big hitters, Eliminate Down would end up relatively dormant outside of hardcore collectors.  At the turn of the 2010s, a resurgence began with "hunts" for rare games becoming a hobby, pushing the game up to the top of the most expensive original releases to own.  But behind the high price tag is a game filled with great graphics, energetic music, intense boss fights, and difficult enough for you to get heated but want more!





MSRP: $54.99 | €69,99


ETA Q2 2024

Did you miss out?  Check with your local independent game stores to see if they reserved copies!




Eliminate Down - Lenticular Slipcover

A special game like this one needs a special cover.  Similar to our Mega Man: The Wily Wars release, we've created a new lenticular slipcover to really take in that cover art.  Each one will have a sticker stating its collector's number from the full production.


Eliminate Down - Reversible Cover

Eliminate Down isn't known for having lots of art as the original cover gets the point across quite well.  Nonetheless, our team got creative and made a whole new alternate cover!  You'll be able to flip the cover to whichever side you prefer.


Eliminate Down - Instruction Manual

You can expect each Retro-Bit Publishing release to have a recreated instruction manual.  Our team has redone the original manual in both English and Japanese to guide you through the mechanics of the game and even a special code for those who find themselves in need of some help.


Eliminate Down - Cartridge

The Emerald Nebula cartridge shell really sticks out in a collection and really suits this special shoot 'em up.  This sparkling green cartridge comes with a new board with beveled insert points, gold-plated contacts, and a 5-volt chip.


El Viento - Video Game History Foundation


The Video Game History Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and teaching the history of video games. The organization was founded in 2017 by historian, journalist, and game developer Frank Cifaldi.  Through our shared values and respect for the history of our industry, Retro-Bit is proud to partner with and support the VGHF by donating a portion of this re-release to this amazing cause.


Learn more at gamehistory.org




The highlight of the game is its level design, as many of them are unique and features omnidirectional scrolling. These winding levels add a lot to the overall feel of the game, especially since they put your skills with the various weapons to the test.

- Nick Zverloff

Hardcore Gaming 101


 Twitch shooter fans should rejoice as well: when the trial-and-error based planning is behind you, there will still be copious bullets to slip. Despite its cost and obscurity, shooter fan, find Eliminate Down. It’s a nasty piece of work, but you’ll love the way it hurts.

- Marc Golding


Honest Gamers


There’s no other way for me to explain how good Eliminate Down is. It’s amazing to look at; it’s amazing to listen to, and it’s amazing to play. It’s also amazing to know that Eliminate Down was developed by an unknown company called Aprinet (this was its only game), while Soft Vision published it (another unknown company).

- Uri Cohen




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