LegacyGC - The Next Stage of your Legacy Has Arrived

Bringing the classic feel over to your Nintendo Gamecube™ and Wii™ with our newest addition to our Platinum Collection.  Paying homage to the Digital Controller, our LegacyGC comes packed in with the smooth DPad and button layout from our Legacy16 controller while also incorporating Turbo Functionality as well as additional macro functions.  Take advantage of the comfortable grip for long Game Boy™ Player sessions on the big screen or play with the comfortable DPad on those that made use of that over the analog stick.  You can also change controller input to play those platformers, tactical RPGs, fighting games, or puzzle games with the accuracy of a DPad!




MSRP $19.99


MSRP: $19.99

LegacyGC Wired Controller - Indigo LegacyGC Wired Controller - Jet Black
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"These controllers regularly sell for large amounts in the second-hand games market so this new release will be welcomed by the GameCube community."

- Retro Faith

Fusion R Gamer


"Overall, this thing is looking pretty slick, and it would be one of the best ways to simplify on the Game Cube for platformers, 2d fighters, and retro games."

- Anthony Wallace

Retro Dodo


"The Legacy GC Wired Controller has the appearance of the classic Game Boy Player controllers from Hori back in the day but with a new lick of colour and some fancy modern features."

- Jim Norman



LegacyGC - Media Kit


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