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In 1995, Majyūō was released on the Japanese Super Famicom® by a relatively unknown developer known as Eleven Co.  The game itself is a challenging action-platformer but has a horror theme to it, pushing it closer to what would normally pass for a “Mature” rating.  It features Abel, a man whose wife and daughter were kidnapped by his former friend, Bayer, who has become a cultist of the Demon King.  Bayer seeks to bring the Demon King into the world by sacrificing Abel’s family and, if successful, would spell the end for humankind.  Now Majyūō: King of Demons will be released in the West, officially translated into English for the first time!




MSRP: $59.99 USD / €69.99 EUR

ETA Q3 2024


The game is region free but North American retailers will sell the North American NTSC shelled cartridge while European retailers will sell the PAL shelled cartridge.

This product will also be available at local independent game shops upon its release.




Majyūō: King of Demons - Slipcover

Any collector knows that Super Famicom® cartridge boxes were thin and portrait-styled while North America and Europe got the horizontal, landscape-style boxes.  Our slipcover for this release mixes a bit of both with a horizontal layout that allows the actual cartridge box to be portrait/vertical.


Majyūō: King of Demons - Hardcover Box

Add a beautiful a new SNES® hardcover box to your collection!  It retains the vertical, portrait-style artwork but opens up horizontally containing the game and manual.  The deep, vibrant colors of the artwork paint a horrible Demon World that will consume just about anyone!


Majyūō: King of Demons - Instruction Manual

This manual has been faithfully translated from Japanese and redone with additional information about the game to help you on your journey.  Read up on Abel's story, gameplay tips, and more to get the most out of your romp through the Demon World.


Majyūō: King of Demons - Demonic Heart Cartridge

As Abel ventures deep into the heart of the Demon World, this cartridge pays homage to his desperate journey.  This Demonic Heart cartridge has a clear black shell that reveals a red PCBA with the high-quality everyone has come to expect from each of our releases.  It isn't just what is on the outside, but what's on the inside that matters.


Media Reception


"Hell has no right to be this gorgeous, and [Majyūō] is well worth a look if you're a fan of gothic action titles."

- Gonçalo Lopes

Majyūō: King of Demons - NintendoLife


"Fans of old-school Castlevania, Ghost 'N Ghouls, and the like should check this one out."

- Follow_Freeman

Majyūō: King of Demons - Honest Gamers


"[Majyūō]’s portrait of hell is fascinating, especially for a 16-bit title, and it’s a pretty solid game to boot."

- Kurt Kalata

Majyūō: King of Demons - HardcoreGaming101



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