Mega Man: The Wily Wars Collector's Edition

This Mega collection is set to be officially released on a physical cartridge for the first time in North America!

Fans and collectors of the widely acclaimed Mega Man series would always be curious about its only SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive release.  With its release in 1994 for Japan and PAL regions, fans expected the North American release to come only to see the title moved exclusively to the SEGA Channel™ - a cable/download service that was available in some regions of the United States and Canada.  Those waiting for a physical option beyond importing would have to wait much longer.  Nearly 25 years when it officially released in North America as part of the collection of games on the SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive Mini.  Retro-Bit finally brings it to you as part of this collector's edition!


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Collection Spread




Note: Finalized artwork and designs are subject to change.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Blue Bomber Cartridge

Featuring a striking blue sparkly shell to match the Blue Bomber's colors.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Outer Cartridge Sleeve

This specially designed collector's edition box features a sleeve to slide in any of the included lenticular cards to display.  Open it up to view some detailed sprites from the game itself.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Reversible Cartridge Artwork

It's all about choices and here you can choose either the original release artwork or an updated side that includes the Japanese cartridge artwork.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Certificate of Authenticity

To make your collection feel just a little more special, each one has a numbered certificate based on the amount of the final production.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Full-color Instruction Manual

There's something about having a manual in your hands that feels right.  It features all the information you will need.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Interchangeable Lenticular Cards

Your chosen Robot Masters can now be displayed on your collector's edition box sleeve.  Choose from Cut Man, Metal Man, Elec Man, Proto Man, or the mighty Mega Man.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Double-sided Poster

Can't get enough of the box art?  This 16" x 12" poster is printed on gloss to show off the colorful artwork - no matter which side you choose.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Collectors Cards

Thanks to all the participants from our survey earlier this year, we bring 9 special collectors cards featuring your picks!  Learn more about each character as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


Mega Man: The Wily Wars CE - Sticker Collection

This sticker book features artwork from the first three games as well as the additional Wily Wars artwork.  Give your preferred surface a retro decoration!


Media Reviews


"A must for any serious Mega Man fan."


"If you're a true purist and you really want that cart, Retro-Bit is going to help out with that."


"The music remains excellent and each soundtrack is fun to rediscover."


"These games are pure and good, and no level of meddling can really spoil that."


"The extra levels are definitely fun."

SNES Drunk

"If you enjoyed the games on the NES, you’ll love them here, too."

The Gaming Historian


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