Metal Storm, Irem, Retro-Bit, Publishing, NES, Collector's Edition, Standard Edition


The year 3521 brings with it a grave danger to the solar system.  You must take on the role of M-308 Gunner who has been sent to Pluto to save Earth from a malfunctioning laser gun created to protect all humankind. Defy gravity and storm across the space station defeating enemies and boss machines while equipped with special weaponry. Defeat GIGADEATH and protect Earth from future threats.


Metal Storm, Collector's Edition, NES, Irem, Retro-Bit, Castlemania, Limited Run Games

Metal Storm - Collector's Edition

MSRP: $69.99


Metal Storm, Standard Edition, Irem, Retro-Bit, Limited Run Games, Europe, Castlemania Games, Twilight Black

Metal Storm - Standard Edition

MSRP: $44.99


Metal Storm, Collector's Edition, NES, Irem, Retro-Bit, Castlemania, Limited Run Games, Retro-bit Europe, Standard

Special 8-Bit Game Cartridge

Compatible with original NES® and most 3rd party consoles.  Featuring a 5-volt chip to ensure solid gameplay throughout your adventure.  Comes with a Retro-Bit® dust cover for safe storage.  Special limited edition color variants are as follows:

Limited Run Games - Metallic Silver

Castlemania Games & Independent Retailers - Galactic Blue

Retro-Bit Europe - Transparent Blue

Standard Edition - Twilight Black

Collector's Box

What better way to protect all the awesome extras than with a collector's box.  Larger than our previous ones, this will definitely stand out in your collection.

Metal Storm, Collector's Edition, Box, Embossed

Metal Storm, Game box, retail box, Irem, Collector's Edition, Standard edition

Collectible Game Box

Included in both the Collector's and Standard Editions, we've slightly updated the look of the original North American retail box.

Full-Color Instruction Manual

We've updated the original North American manual for the Japanese version and included both English and Japanese in the manual.  Whew!  If you need help or some tips, this is the place to start.

Metal Storm, Full Color, Instruction, Manual, English, Japanese

Metal Storm, Certificate, Authenticity, Numbered

Certificate of Authenticity

There are only 3,000 of each Collector's Edition made.  To ensure long-lasting value, this certificate proves that this official release is as legit as it gets.  It's also shiny!

M-308 Gunner Figurine

Perhaps you've wanted one since you saw the original review in Nintendo Power?  Or you just like collectible mechs?  Whatever the reason, M-308 Gunner is here to protect your personal space from any invaders.  Gravity manipulation not included. 

Metal Storm, M-308 Gunner, Mech, Figurine, Collector's Edition

Metal Storm, metal, pin, collectible

M-308 Gunner Pin

You gotta have some metal if you're getting Metal Storm.  Continuing our tradition of collectible pins for our releases, you can take M-308 along with you on your jacket, backpack, car visor, or wherever he is needed.

Art Prints

We've upped our art prints for this release, adding a metallic look to match M-308 Gunner.  Display it with the rest of your collection to really make it all stand out.

Metal Storm, Art prints, art cards

Metal Storm, 2-sided, Poster

Exclusive 2-Sided Poster

This fold-out poster features original artwork as well as an homage to the Japanese box art.  Which side will you display?


"From a technical standpoint, Metal Storm is something of a tour de force."


"It certainly deserves more accolades than what little it got..."

Hardcore Gaming 101

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Special thanks to the following for all the hard work, contribution, and support on this project!

Castlemania Games

Limited Run Games

Nathan Deren

Jonathan Antonioli

Ryan Engstrom (GameTyrant)

Cyril Lachel (Defunct Games)

Kevin Vigil (DrFatbody)

Ronald Loatwall (MadLittlePixel)

Joe Alonzo & Sam Vandiver (RadJunk)



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