Retro-Bit Analog Replacement Stick Module

Your original N64® controller is over 20 years old - time for an upgrade!

Have years of smash attacks rendered your analog stick loose?  Too many party sessions with that player who is a bit too aggressive with 360-spins?  Or has the wear-and-tear caused you to stow away your favorite controller?  It's time to bring it back to life with our Analog Stick Repair Module for N64® controllers.  Inspired by our Tribute64®, we’ve brought an improved analog stick for use on original N64® controllers!  Utilize the full range on this Japanese-made stick that features Hall Effect potentiometers that provide long-lasting performance and won’t drift due to wear and tear.  The comfortable thumb grip lets you game for hours without worrying about lasting effects.  The replacement process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes!



Retro-Bit Analog Stick Replacement Module - N64




MSRP: $14.99


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What is Hall Effect?

 In a standard analog stick, the angle, direction, and speed are all measured using potentiometers.  These are very small mechanical units with moving parts that can send the data to the controller's circuitry and provide the appropriate inputs in-game.  While these are currently the standard for most analog sticks, even outside of gaming, they do suffer from wear and tear as well as drifting.  Drifting is when the analog stick output becomes less precise over time causing it to "drift" away from its intended target.  The reasons for this could be a faulty potentiometer, a dirty stick, or just natural wear-and-tear.


This analog stick comes equipped with Hall Effect sensors which utilize electromagnetic density to measure the output through the resistance level of the circuit.  Basically, this means that rather than using a mechanical potentiometer, it instead uses electromagnetism to produce the same effect without needing small parts to move around.  As such, the performance is much more consistent and with good care, can outlast most standard analog sticks.  You won't encounter the same issues that can lead to stick drift with Hall Effect sensors.


Analog Stick - Press Kit