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Our Retro Prism products let you experience the classics on their original consoles in glorious high definition.  Whether you prefer component cables or our HD adapters, you can harness the full potential of your GameCube® by tapping into the Digital AV Out port on most models.  With our Retro Prism Component Cable, you will have both video and audio available in one cable that is plug-and-play with no fuss.  For those looking to get the most out of their games, our Retro Prism HD Adapter provides the best quality visuals by using the open-source GC Video 3.0e firmware which includes features such as line doubling, scanline filters, aspect ratios, user-friendly on-screen display, and a USB®-C port for easy firmware updates.  Relive the classics in gorgeous HD!


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The Retro-Bit Prism HD Is Another Great GameCube HDMI Adapter

Damien McFerran, NintendoLife


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