Prism HD Adapter for GameCube®

Harness the full potential of your GameCube® by tapping into the Digital AV Out port on most consoles.  Previously only used with the rarely available component cables, this adapter provides the best quality visuals by using the open-source GC Video 3.0e firmware which includes features such as line doubling, scanline filters, aspect ratios, and a user-friendly on-screen display.

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The Retro-Bit Prism HD Is Another Great GameCube HDMI Adapter

Damien McFerran, NintendoLife


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This product is not endorsed, manufactured, produced, sponsored or licensed by Nintendo of America, Inc. or its affiliates.

This device is powered by GC Video-DVI 3.0e designed by Ingo Korb, used with permission under an open-source copyright.