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Since 2007, Retro-Bit® has been a pioneer of the retro-gaming community.  One of its counterparts, Retro-Bit® Publishing has brought gamers the physical form of many rare and exclusive titles in the retro-gaming industry.  In order to provide this new way to play, Retro-Bit Publishing has re-created rare games into physical media and brought them to where they were never released.  Retro-Bit Publishing gives gamers and collectors across the globe the opportunity to experience an alternative way to play, and own one-of-a-kind and limited-edition exclusives that include many extra collectible items.  We love to connect with our community so if you have any ideas, please check out our Request Form.




We are always looking to expand our library with licenses for retro gaming’s beloved titles that had limited releases or are hard to find. We look to bring value to any collection, whether you’re an old-school collector or someone who just wants to experience classic gaming at its finest.

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Schbibinman Zero - Shockman Zero - Masaya Games - Retro-Bit Publishing


Rod Land - Jaleco - Retro-Bit Publishing


Majyūō: King of Demons - SNES


Eliminate Down - Soft Vision - Retro-Bit Publishing


Assault Suits Valken - Masaya Games - Retro-Bit Publishing


El Viento - Retro-Bit Publishing


Sol-Deace - Retro-Bit Publishing


Hammerin' Harry - IREM - Retro-Bit Publishing


Gley Lancer - Masaya Games - Retro-Bit Publishing


Battletoads & Double Dragon SNES - Rare Ltd & Arc System Works - Retro-Bit Publishing


Valis Collection - Renovation Game - Retro-Bit Publishing


Retro-Bit Publishing - Avenging Spirit


Battletoads & Double Dragon - NES


Gaiares - Retro-Bit Publishing


Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition - RBP


Mega Man: The Wily Wars Collector's Edition


Retro-Bit Publishing - Undercover Cops


Toaplan Shooters Collector's Edition


Metal Storm, NES, Irem, Collector's Edition


Holy Diver, NES, Irem, Collector's Edition


R-Type III, Super R-Type, Irem, Collector's Edition


All titles are licensed from their respective holders.

What classic game do you want to see our team possibly release in the future?  Go ahead and let us know in this form below!