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Originally launched in 1997 on the Satellaview, a satellite-online service in Japan for the Super Famicom®, Kaizou Choujin Schbibinman Zero was the first of the Schbibinman series to stray from the PC Engine.  This entry introduced two new protagonists, Raita and Azuki into this beat 'em up platforming game that was easy to pick up but challenging to master.  However, this was its only release and it faded away with all the other Satellaview exclusives when Nintendo® and St.GiGa pulled the plug on the broadcast service in 2001.  A Japanese release surfaced in 2017 but the West would not have to wait much longer!  We're proud to re-release another Masaya cult classic with a new English translation as well as exclusive art done by Moises Juarez aka DANMAKUMAN.




North American retailers will carry the NTSC-U SNES® version.

European retailers will carry the PAL SNES® version.

The only difference is the shell - the board inside will function at 50Hz or 60Hz, whichever is native to the console.


MSRP: $54.99 USD / €64.99 EUR



Shockman Zero - North America

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Shockman Zero - Europe

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This product will also be sold in-store after its release at local independent shops.




Shockman Zero - Hardcover Cartridge Box

If you're worried about the cartridge box wearing down over time because it is made out of cardboard, then breathe easy!  There is no need for awkwardly opening and bending the box, this hardcover box has a magnetized latch letting you access the contents easily.  Plus, check out all this gorgeous artwork done by Moises Juarez aka DANMAKUMAN.


Shockman Zero - Shock Orange Cartridge Shell

Whether you're playing on a PAL or NTSC SNES® console, both will get a Shock Orange semi-clear cartridge shell.  The board inside is the same for both regions as it is designed to detect the console's native output.  You can also double-reset your console to change the mode.


Shockman Zero - Instruction Manual

One of our favorite things to do with each re-release is to create an updated manual printed on quality paper in full color.  Get up to speed on the story, memorize the controls, and get some tips on how to make the most of your adventure with this manual.




"All in all, Schbibinman Zero closes out what was one of NCS/Masaya’s best franchises."

- David DiRienzo

Hardcore Gaming 101


"The style of the game is a weird blend of Mega Man game play crossed with the art styles of Gunstar Heroes."

Electronic Gaming Monthly


"I highly recommend this game to all SNES fans. It’s obscure, it’s fun, it’s wacky and it’s a blast with a friend."




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