Tribute64 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller

All-New Features Added to an Old-School Favorite: Retro-Bit brings a New Wireless Controller for N64® and USB® Devices

POMONA, CA, [April 6, 2021] -- In April 2019, Retro-Bit launched the Tribute64 wired controller in both USB® compatible and N64® compatible ports.  It was inspired by the Hori Mini Pad 64 that was widely popular in the retro-gaming community but has since been discontinued and can now run over $160.  Retro-Bit originally released a wired version with 3 color variants that included Ocean Blue, Forest Green, and Red. They later gave their fans an opportunity to choose a new color variant suitable for the N64 port controller where Atomic Purple, Classic Grey, and Sea Salt Ice Cream were the popular selections and were developed for the retro-gaming community.  The wired Tribute64 was raved by gaming experts and media stating it is “The best replacement for N64 fans” by Game Tyrant and “The Analogue stick – which is a close match to the one seen on the GameCube pad – is fantastic to use.” by Nintendolife.

Retro-Bit’s plans for a wireless version materialized in the production room as the next release. Built-in rumble, which had not been done by other companies with an N64 - compatible port wireless controller, was a feature that the company aimed to include.  As social media buzz and reviews rolled out about the wired Tribute64, Retro-Bit wanted to ensure an expansion on ultimate ergonomics that included a size and layout where players’ fingers easily fall into the perfect position for long-lasting gameplay.  By using clay molding and 3D printing during development, the promise of a wireless version of this beloved controller loomed over the fans. It will now be available in early 2021 and will include dual receivers to play on the N64 and USB-enabled devices. 

Only limited quantities will be available for the Ultra Edition Tribute64 - a limited-edition jet-black color that will be a one-time exclusive!  Pre-Orders for the Ultra, Classic Grey, and Atomic Purple are set to start on April 7th and retail for $39.99 USD at the following retailers:

  • Castlemania Games

  • PNP Games

  • DragonBox Shop for Europe

The wireless 2.4GHz Tribute64 will come with a receiver that is compatible with the N64 and memory paks. Some other features include:

  • A repositioned Dpad

  • Added Home/Select buttons

  • Built-in Rumble

  • A 2nd Receiver compatible with Switch and most USB devices

We can expect to see the same amount of quality and work in the wireless Tribute64. Retro-Bit has brought high-quality controllers to the market in recent years, and the Tribute64 and Legacy16 are no exception.  

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