E3 2019 Recap!

Retro-Bit, E3 2019, Recap

Thank you to the gamers, developers, content creators, and all attendees that joined us at E3 2019!  We are happy that so many are excited about what we have in store in the near future.  If you missed it, check out what we had on display!


Retro-Bit Publishing introduces Metal Storm Standard and Collector's Editions

Metal Storm, Standard Edition, NES, Irem, Retro-Bit, Castlemania, Limited Run Games     Metal Storm, Collector's Edition, NES, Irem, Retro-Bit, Castlemania, Limited Run Games

We have partnered with Castlemania Games and Limited Runs Games to release two editions of Metal Storm!  Pre-orders coming soon!

Retro-Bit unveils SEGA Genesis® and SEGA Saturn® controllers in 2.4 GHz Wireless and Bluetooth®

SEGA Genesis, 2.4 GHz, Wireless, Smoke, 8 button, Arcade, usb     SEGA Saturn, 2.4 GHz, Wireless, clear blue, 8 button, arcade
Both our 2.4 GHz Wireless and Bluetooth® SEGA® controllers were showcased.  The SEGA Genesis® 2.4 GHz Wireless Arcade Pad will launch in black, smoke, and clear blue while the SEGA Saturn® 2.4 GHz Wireless Arcade Pad will launch in slate grey and clear blue.  They will include an original port receiver and USB receiver.  Additional news regarding the Bluetooth® variety as well compatibility will be announced in the near future.
SEGA Dreamcast® and SEGA Genesis® Model 1 6-Button Arcade Pad
 SEGA Dreamcast, prototype     SEGA Genesis, v1, 6-Button
Hard at work on these two but they are well on their way to join our SEGA® Collaboration family!  Both prototypes are still going through the approval process, but have received much positive feedback!  Stay tuned for further updates.

Tribute64 2.4 GHz Wireless Controller and the Turbo Max
Tribute64, 2.4 GHz, Wireless, N64, USB, E3     Retro-Bit, Turbo Max, NES, Prototype
We continue to develop more additions to our Platinum Collection and have introduced the updated Tribute64 2.4 GHz Wireless controller.  The repositioned D-Pad, additional menu buttons, and redesigned shoulder buttons made their debut at E3.  Additionally, we are bringing back the Turbo Max control pad with an improved analog disc.

DigiCon Controller Prototypes
Retro-Bit, N64, DigiCon, Prototype     Retro-Bit, GCN, DigiCon, Prototype
Additionally, our upcoming DigiCon controller prototypes showcased the N64® and GCN® versions.  Although still in development, we received feedback and comments from everyone at E3 2019, and look forward to impressing everyone with the final product!
 Also, thanks to our friends at the Stubbins and our new friends at Pixel Frames for joining us!
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