Shoot 'Em Up Classic Gaiares Pre-Orders Have Launched

POMONA, CA - November 16, 2021 -- Retro-Bit® Publishing, a publishing imprint of Retro-Bit® that is distributed exclusively by Innex Inc®, announced today that the pre-order window has officially opened for Gaiares, the Genesis/Mega Drive reproduction of one of the most critically-acclaimed shoot 'em ups to come out of the 16-bit generation. Pre-orders will be available from November 16 through December 19, 2021, at $54.99.


First published in 1990 by Renovation Game, Gaiares was praised for its massive boss designs, emotional story elements, and for its unique gameplay mechanic that allowed players to copy powers and weapons from enemies. Critics were quick to rave about the fast-paced action, with Mega Play calling it the "ultimate shooter." Three decades after first hitting store shelves, Gaiares remains the best-reviewed 16-bit shoot 'em up at both Electronic Gaming Monthly and GamePro magazines.


This upcoming release from Retro-Bit® Publishing will feature an embellished slipcover, reversible cartridge sleeve, full-colored instruction manual, a translucent Tektite cartridge, and certificate of authentication.  The limited-edition package will also feature an exclusive interview with James (Jamie) Bunker, who became the face of Gaiares in the early 1990s, thanks to a series of memorable magazine advertisements. In an enlightening conversation, the one-time spokesperson reflects on becoming a professional gamer as a teenager and his reaction to appearing in the advertising, as well as his exceptional hair choices.


When the game was released in 1991, a series of ads featuring James Bunker offered an exclusive Gaiares t-shirt with a purchase of the game.  Retro-Bit reached out to James Bunker to reprise his role 30 years later offering the same free commemorative Gaiares shirt when you pre-order the game. 


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Gaiares Re-release: 

  • Translucent Tektite Cartridge 

  • Full colored instruction manual 

  • Embellished Slipcover

  • Reversible Cartridge Sleeve

  • Certificate of Authenticity 

  • Exclusive Interview with Jamie Bunker

  • FREE Commemorative T-Shirt

"Gaiares was the one 1990s action game that all other shoot 'em ups were compared to," explains Richard Igros, Marketing Director at Innex Inc. "We're so excited to not only shine a light on one of the best Genesis games of all time, but also to be working with the original spokesman, James Bunker, to once again spread the word about this must-own shooter."

A portion of the proceeds generated by Retro-Bit's Gaiares re-release will be donated to the Video Game History Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and teaching the history of video games.

Gaiares will be the latest release from Retro-Bit® Publishing, which most recently shipped collector's editions of classic games Undercover Cops and Mega Man: The Wily Wars, as well as the indie hit Alwa's Awakening.

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