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Retro-Bit Travels to the Future for a Collector’s Edition that Includes City Sweepers Fighting Crime in NYC with Irem’s Undercover Cops for the SNES and SFC

POMONA, CA, [Feb. 16, 2021] -- Irem, a master and pioneer of classic arcade and console games, has partnered with Retro-Bit Publishing for a fourth time to bring this arcade classic to the gaming community. Irem first released Kung-Fu Master in 1984 and was considered one of the originators of beat ‘em up games.  Irem continued building their legacy and years of experience with the release of Undercover Cops in 1992.  With its interactive environment of stages and weapons to be found along the way, Undercover Cops brought a new theme and tone to the genre 8 years later and was ranked Top 10 Beat ‘em Ups for the SNES.

As a model of the beat ‘em up genre, Undercover Cops found cult success in Japan and was never-before released on consoles in North America -- until now.  With Super Famicom versions selling well over $200-$500, Retro-Bit has obtained the rights to release it with some added extras in this collection.  This exclusive set will feature custom and high-quality retro collectibles that make it a piece that every collector will be sure to own!

Undercover Cops comes as a republication in the form of a Collector’s Edition filled with extras:

  • Undercover Cops SNES Collectible Cartridge Cover (NA & EU)

  • Outer Slipcover with exclusively-made artwork

  • Hard Embossed packaging only City Sweepers can break through

  • Full-colored Instruction Manual

  • Undercover Cops SNES Cartridge in Mutant Red (NA & EU)

  • City Sweepers Edition Sticker Set

  • Crazy Chicken Acrylic Keychain

  • Individually Number Certificate of Authenticity

  • Special Operative Identification Profile Cards

  • Exclusive double-sided poster featuring original comic art

  • Collector’s Rosa Felmonde Vinyl Figure designed by Erick Scarecrow Toys

This collection will retail for $69.99.  Celebrate the arrival of Undercover Cops by Retro-Bit Publishing with this one-of-a-kind and exclusive release by pre-ordering at Limited Run Games, Strictly Limited, Spel & Sant, and Dragonbox for Europe starting on February 16th, 2021.

For more information on the Undercover Cops Collector’s Edition, visit retro-bit.com/undercover-cops/  or @retrobitgaming on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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